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    May 31stFine

    This afternoon.on my way to the cinema,I saw a case fall off a man’s bicycle.I shouted to the man to stop. But he didn't hear me and ran away.

    1 was wondering what to do when I had an idea.I stopped a taxi and got into it with the case.Soon we caught up with the man.Getting the case back,the man was so thankful that he offered me some money,but l refused it politely.

    Then the driver took me to the cinema.When 1 was paying him,the driver pushed my hand away and said, “Neither will I accept your money.”






    One day, Mr Li was reading a book in his office after school when suddenly a ball broke a

    window and flew in. Mr Li was very angry when the ball hit him on the head. He took the ball and came downstairs to see who had thrown the ball. He met a little boy at the door way and the boy said, “It’s I who have broken the window. I’m sorry, sir.” At what the child said, Mr Li who had been very angry, now became cheered up and praised the boy for his honesty. Mr Li told the boy to be more careful next time and returned the ball to the boy. The boy thanked him for his kindness and said goodbye to him, running away with the ball.







    December 15 th, Friday

    Some of my classmates often waste their time, but I think that time is precious for us because lost time will never return and no gold can buy it.

    Time passes very quickly. Some say they don’t have enough time to prepare their lessons. They don’t know how to make use of their time. They spend too much of their time in going to theatres, playing games, and doing other things. I think that they will feel sorry some day.

    Today the young people, who are living in the 21th century, should know that time is life. We should spend more time learning what is being taught in school so that we’ll serve our society well in the future.

    Remember that time is more valuable than money.


    假如你是云南贫困地区的一名失学儿童,名叫李菊萍。你很幸运地得到在北京工作的一位美国人Mr. Smith的赞助,得以重新回到校园继续学习。于是你给Mr. Smith写一封信表示感谢。






    5.你盼望见到Mr. Smith,便因没有机会去北京,希望Mr. Smith给你寄张照片。


    Dear Mr. Smith,

    I’m glad to have received your money and books. Now, I can go to school again. I’m very happy and thank you very much.

    I have been studying hard since I accepted your gifts. I have made great progress in my study. So our teacher praised me for it, and my parents encouraged me. I have made up my mind to study

    harder and make even greater progress with the teachers’ help.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you, but I have no chance to go to Beijing. I hope you can post your photo to me.

    Best wishes!

    Yours sincerely,

    Li Juping










    Smoking can do great harm to our health.Smoking will reduce Vc in our body,make us weaker and cause many diseases.

    My father used to be a heavy smoker.Every morning he coughed and coughed before he got up.He tried more than once to stop smoking but failed.After I got some knowledge about smoking,I explained to him the bad result of smoking.Now he has given up smoking and he is in good health now.

    I hope new smokers will soon realize the importance of giving up smoking and try t heir best to give up smoking.





    2. 1970年发射了第一颗人造卫星,是继苏联、英国、法国和日本之后的第五个国家。

    3. 发展了30年之后,中国在空间领域内探险,成为世界空间大国之一。

    4. 2003年10月15日上午9:00整,在中国西北部甘肃的酒泉卫星发射中心(the Jiuquan Satellite LaunchingCenter)成功地发射了“神州”五号载人宇宙飞船,并于次日凌晨成功地在内蒙古自治区着陆。



    China is a developing country and its industry and agriculture have rapidly developed.China has made a great achievement in science and technology.

    China sent its first man-made satellite,Dongfanghong I ,Into space In 1970,becoming the fifth country that had this ability ,following the former Soviet States, France and Japan.

    With this success, China started its exploration into space, and has become one of the major space powers in the world after 30 years of development.

    At 9:00 a.m. on October 15,2003,a spacecraft with people named Shenzhou V was

    sent off into space from the Jiuquan Satellite Launching Centre in northwest China’s Gansu Province. And on the next early morning, Shenzhou, China’s fifth spacecraft, successfully landed in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. China's space development has witnessed great changes over the past 30 years.


    写一篇短文,简述Rose School受欢迎的原因。请在短文中包含以下内容:








    Why is Rose School so popular in our city?

    For one thing, the school has a long history. Its school garden is very beautiful with trees and flowers everywhere. It is also well equipped. The classroom buildings, the experiment labs and the sound labs, the computer rooms, the library as well as the gymnasium are among the best of all schools. Besides, the tuition is only $2000 a term, less than of other schools. But the most important reason for its popularity is the excellent teachers in Rose School. Most teachers graduated from well-known universities and colleges. They have great patience, and experience and especially, deep love for the students.





    Dear Tom,

    I hope you are fine. I would like to tell you something about APEC in Shanghai now.

    A lot of books about APEC are now popular in China, especially in Shanghai. At present, most of them are introducing APEC’S history, development course, the economic cooperations among members and its future. It is necessary for Shanghai citizens, as host of the APEC, to have a better understanding of the meeting. Many citizens buy English-learning books, as English is the working language of APEC. They hope to have better talks with foreigners and take this chance to improve their own oral English.

    Yours sincerely,

    Wang Hong










    The China Dazhong Car Factory has recently made a new product with “Polo”as its brand.It is a popular type of car with four seats.It is easy to drive under different roads and weather conditions.The design is new and it is middle in size.Driven at the highest speed,it may go at the speed of 180 km per hour.It sells at the price of 130000 yuan.With so many advantages it is certain that this new product Polo will get popular and into thousands of the Chinese families in the near future.










    Xu Zhong—A Young Scientist

    Dr.Xu Zhong,aged 37,is now working as a professor in Qinghua University,Beijing.Since he graduated from Hunan University in 1983,he got rich scientific fruit. Later in 1988,he was sent to a university in Japan to go on with his studies. Through hard work,he got excellent result and received a doctor's degree for physics.

    Soon after he became famous.many big companies from different countries tried to invite him to work there and promised to give him high pay.But Dr.Xu didn’t cept the invitation,for he made up his mind to work for his Own country.

    Therefore,he returned to China in 1994.Now he made great contributions to his motherland.






    1、当前,不少文学作品被改编成电影,有人选择看电影,有人则喜欢读原著。请你以“Film or book, which do you prefer?”为题,按照下列要求写一篇英语短文:





    Some of us think that it is better to see the film than read the book. The reason is that it takes less time to understand the whole story(省时). Besides, the film is usually more interesting(有趣),and it’s easier to follow/understand(易懂).

    Some others have just the opposite opinion.They think that they can get more detailed information from the original(细节更多). Meanwhile, the language in the book is possibly more lively and beautiful(语言优美).

    Personally, I agree with the second view. Actually I have more reasons for it. I think I can stay at home,reading quietly in a station of my own, and what’s more, I am able to better understand the author’s ideas. In a word, to read the original work is better than to see the film based on it.

    2、国庆7天长假即将来临, 你班同学就国庆长假计划进行讨论, 提出了不同看法,请根据提示写一篇短文,并谈谈



    词数120左右; 短文必须包括表中所列要点,可根据内容分段表述;

    可适当增加细节以使行文连贯;参考词汇:眼界horizon (view)、


    The national holiday is coming. Our class has a discussion about what to do during the holiday.

    Some are in favor of staying at home. They think it’s both convenient and comfortable. What’s more, they can save money for other purposes. But they will lose the chance of getting to know the outside world. However, others prefer to go out for traveling since it can increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons. But they will spend more money and meet some difficulties while traveling.

    In my opinion, it would be much better to stay at home, for I

    can do what I like, such as reading books, watching TV, and helping my parents with the housework.

    3、假如你是杨方,你要竞选班长(class president), 请根据以下内容写一篇竞选演说词。




    Hello everybody,

    I am a responsible and sociable person, easy-going by natural. I like class work and enjoy serving others. In addition, I have various interests. I like singing and playing instruments as well as playing sports. I am also a good listener and always open to different opinions. I am confident that I can do the job well.

    If I am lucky enough to win, firstly, I will help to create an academic atmosphere so that everyone in our class can make progress in our lesson. For those who are falling behind, I will find ways to help them to catch up. Secondly, I will serve as a bridge between the teachers and the students. Finally, I will arrange activities outside classroom to relax ourselves.

    I believe I am the right person for this post and I hope to have your support.














    Dear Jim,

    I’m Li Hua, the students who will host you when you are in China. All ma family are happy to have you stay with us. I’m writing to let you know something about my family. There are 3 people in my family, my parents and I. My father is a doctor. He works in a hospital. Every day he goes to work on foot. Because he always says walking is a good way to keep fit. My mother teaches maths in a high school. She is very busy so she always comes home late. We live in a four-room apartment. When you come, you will stay in the room next to mine. We’ll go to school together by bus. It takes us 20 minutes to get to school. After school, I will show you around the city. My city is a beautiful city.

    We are looking forward to your arriver. Yours,Li Hua





    2010年央视春晚的广告收入创新高,但节目中的植入广告引发了热议。最近,某网站举行了一次题为“对今年春晚植入广告的态度”的调查,请根据以下饼图(pie chart)所示信息用英语写一篇短文,并提出你自己的看法。




    3.植入广告:product placement

    Festival Gala has set records for TV commercial rates, which accordingly has caused heated discussions due to product placement in the programmes.

    The opinions on this topic vary from person to person. One in four think there is so much of product placement that lots of people feel unsatisfied when they watch the programmes. And 10% of the people think product placement in the programmes greatly ruins the image of CCTV, beause it will leave a bad impression on audience in and outside China. Besides, nearly one third of the people hold the opinion that it’s hard to relate the product placement to the programmes, making the audience feel uncomfortable.

    However, there are 15% of the people who think it is helpful for the development of CCTV. And the rest think there is no need for us to be so strict with product placement. After all, it’s very natural.

    Personally, the product placement is really disgusting and CCTV should try to avoid it.


    The 2010 Spring Festival Gala has set records for TV commercial rates, which accordingly has caused heated discussions due to product placement in the programmes.

    According to the pie chart, we can see 15% of the surveyed people think it’s difficult to develop CCTV without the product placement, because it can provide enough money. At the same time, 20% of them think the product placement is presented in the progamme in a natural way.

    On the other hand, the rest of the people are against the move and they have their own reasons. Nearly one third of them say the product placement has little to do with the programmes, which reduces their interests in the programmes. And 10% of the people hold the idea that the disadvantage that it ruins the image of CCTV outweighs its advantage. Besides, a quarter complain there are too much product placement in the programmes.

    As far as I’m concerned, even if it’s common to see product placement, I don’t think it should appear in some programmes of art and culture.

    本文反映出作者对英文写作极强的驾驭能力,首先作者能够很好地审题,通过图表找准信息,并且将文章结构安排地很合理,让读者一目了然,再次,作者在语言方面极具天赋,从开始的一个without的强调句,到非限制性定语从句,及后来 Spring Festival Gala has set records for TV commercial rates, which accordingly has caused heated discussions due to product placement in the programmes.

    As is shown in the pie chart, 20% of the people surveyed think it acceptable, for the product placement appears in the programmes naturally. And 15% of them consider it necessary for CCTV to make money from product placement, which is of great benefit to the development of CCTV itself.

    However, among the people surveyed, more than one third of them complain that the product placement has nothing to do with the programmes. 25% of them even feel hurt seeing so much of it. Furthermore, the rest 10% hold the view that great harm has been done to the image of CCTV.

    From the chart we can draw a conclusion that most of the people surveyed are against product placement in the programmes. In my opinion, product placement nowadays is almost unavoidable, but it should not damage the art of the show and should take the audience’s feelings into account.



    I’m writing to tell you about the discussion we’ve had about whether passengers who ride in a car driven by a drunken driver should be punished.

    A small part of the students approve of it for the reason that on one hand, this punishment can decrease the amount of the traffic accidents. On the other hand, it can improve the safety of passengers and drivers. Besides, avoiding riding in a car driven by a drunken driver is not only responsible for us, but also for the driver and pedestrians.

    However, the majority of the students are strongly against this punishment in that they think it hard for passengers to judge whether the driver has drunk or not. What’s more, even the passengers know the driver has drunk, if the driver doesn’t accept their advice, it’s unfair to punish the passengers.

    Personally, I think people who ride in a car driven by a drunken driver should be punished because the public’s safety is the most important.


    作者观点鲜明,理由具有说服力。文章中作者使用了大量的高级词汇和高级结构,为文章增添了色彩。on one hand, on the other hand, besides, however, what’s more, personally等过渡词增强了文章的流畅性。

    ’ve had about whether passengers who ride in a car driven by a drunken driver should be punished.

    The minority of the students who are for the idea think that it can reduce traffic accidents and promote the safety of traffic. They also think avoiding taking a car driven by a drunken driver is an activity responsible for passengers and the driver and other people on the road as well.

    On the contrary, the majority of the students are opposed to it. The first reason they give lies in that passengers have difficulty finding whether a driver is drunken. Apart from that, even if passengers know that the driver is drunken, it is unfair to punish them when the driver doesn’t take their suggestion seriously.

    In my view, it’s traffic security that greatly matters and we

    should punish those drunken drivers rather than the passengers.

    该文的最大亮点是多处使用的复杂句式,体现作者娴熟的语言表达技巧。Be opposed to, take…seriously等高级短语的使用亦为文章增添了色彩。过渡词on the contrary, apart from, even if, in view, and等使用较为考究。综合全文的这些特点,该理应为一篇优秀作文。

    I’m writing to tell you about the discussion we’ve had about whether passengers who ride in a car driven by a drunken driver should be punished.

    The minority of the students hold the opinion that punishing the passengers helps reduce traffic accidents and increase traffic safety. Not to ride in a car driven by a drunken driver is not only a responsible behavior for passengers but also for the driver and other people on the road.

    The majority of the students, however, disapprove of the idea, stating that it is difficult for common passengers to know whether the driver has been drinking or not. What’s more, even if the passenger knows the driver has drunk alcohol and has attempted to persuade the driver not to drive, it is unfair to punish the passenger when the driver does not follow the advice.

    As far as I am concerned, punishing passengers as well as the drivers is not only unfair but also hard to carry out.

    Yours sincerely,

    Li Hua



    will eoll students recommended by high school principals this years. The recommended students will have an extra 30 points added to their national college entrance exam scores. Peking University’s move has set off a nationwide debate.

    On the one hand, some people in favor of it think there is no doubt that Peking University’s move is a bold attempt of reforming the educational system. In addition, it is also a guarantee for outstanding students or those gifted in some aspects that they have a chance to be admitted into first-class universities. Besides, this move will encourage the middle schools to pay more attention to the all-round development of the students.

    On the other hand, some think there are a lot of disadvantages of this move. First chances are that some students try to cheat because 30 points is a great lure for them. Also,

    it is unfair for most students in many other schools.

    Personally, we should balance its advantages against its disadvantages. It is the college entrance examination that decides students’ future to a large extent. So I don’t think it’s a good idea or policy.

    文章三段式写作,层次分明,结构清晰,文章中大量地使用了一些高级词汇如:reform, guarantee, be admitted into 和balance…against等,另外,最后一段的精心安

    will eoll students recommended by high school principals this years. The recommended students will have an extra 30 points added to their national college entrance exam scores. Peking University’s move has set off a nationwide debate.

    Supporters hold the opinion that by doing this Peking university attempts to reform the current university entrance system bravely. In addition, the policy can make sure that the students who have good qualities or special talents will be eolled by first-class universities. What’s more, it’s also an effective measure to drive high schools to focus on the students’ all-round development.

    On the contrary, there is another voice. These objectors argue that there is no point in carrying out the policy. Firstly, it may lead to cheating. Besides, it’s against the principle that the universities entrance exam is held on an equal basis. So it’s unfair to other students. And they think there is no need to give extra scores to the recommended students, most of whom are excellent students.

    From my point of view, I think it’s well worth having a try. After all, it’s a great leap in reforming the current university entrance system.

    读完此篇作文,心中不禁感叹作者良好的英语语言驾驭能力,作者在文中简约有序地组织表达了所有的内容要点,用词精确谨慎,所选句式难易交错,固定句式及地道的短语赋予了文章别样的风采,在文末水到渠成地用了一句it’s well worth


    University will eoll students recommended by high school principals this year. The recommended students will have an extra 30 points added to their national college entrance exam scores. Peking University’s move has set off a nationwide debate.

    Some people approve of this move. They think this is the bold attempt Peking University has made at reforming the current university entrance system. This move provides quality students and students talented in certain subjects with an opportunity to enter first-class universities and ensure that they aren’t overlooked simply because of their performance in the national university entrance exam. Meanwhile, it will push high schools to pay more attention to the students’ all-round development.

    However, quite a few people object to the move. Firstly, it many lead to cheating. Secondly, only 39 schools are qualified to recommend students, which is unfair to so many schools across the country. Thirdly, there is no point giving extra scores to those recommended students, for they are mostly top students and have no problem entering


    In May 2012, Chinese monthly exam

    Higher language 5 month test involves a compulsory reading appreciation of unit 1, 2, 4 express communication first, second, carding and tutor of the first and second special "Shakespeare". Papers out of 150 points, the test time 150 minutes. Proposition materials mainly comes from the language required 4, study case and Chinese newspaper.

    With reference to the 2011 college entrance examination examination paper examination paper structure, learning content is adjusted according to this stage. The largest modern article (general description) reading, 3 choice 9 points, material for the drama review. The second topic of ancient poetry reading, 36 points. Two classical poems read 22 points, mainly examines imagery, artistic conception, the sentiment, the actual situation and language appreciation; Masterpiece: write 14 points, write the scope includes compulsory 4 reading appreciation to recite the title of the first and second units. Third section of text reading, 4 item 25 points, materials for Liang Heng prose. Fourth topic language use, 5 item 20 points, respectively examines pinyin, glyph, idiom, logic, and copy writing. Fifth largest inscribed, 60 points.

    Volume to problem solving standard strict request for examination and assessment of the month, examination paper without black pens 0 score, is beyond the scope of regulation answer the words 0. Composition 1 points each wrong character, unlimited; Writing not neat, the handwriting clear shall not be more than 30 points, and the test score less than 90 points. In subjective question answer wrong character, pragmatically, writing chaos to discretionary points, the problem can't score; Non-standard punctuation (e.g., at the end of the sentence without punctuation or end points) as the small words 0. Write to attend a compulsory 4 make-up exam score low.

    Required the second unit 4 answers after class

    Just write red handwriting

    Always two words

    One looks at the tide "depicts a school of peaceful, prosperous, stable, peaceful city life. Write hangzhou highlights the following aspects: geographically, it is the southeast of the town; Says from the historical tradition, it is busy city since ancient times; Look from the natural landscape, there are the famous qiantang river, the beautiful west lake; From the street landscape, its construction, facilities extremely beautiful, dense; Look from the people life, people to live and work in peace and contentment, and everywhere, young and old are all happy. The author comprehensively and carefully in the word represents a prosperous and beautiful, the ancient capital hangzhou in hangzhou with all amazing, fully expressed the author praise and admiration of love.

    Always two words

    Second, when the rain tamhui bell described to give a farewell dinner dim, depressed mood, when the ship set off to the pain of the inseparable, imagine that after "tonight" wine in the desolate, disappointments, and "very long" in the future no longer extremely lonely and boring.

    Words on a piece of scenery is described by the actual environment when parting, the lower is the second day early morning wake up see wine scene. The first word actually, desolate beautiful artistic conception.

    Blanket, and then, don't forget to write.

    Thus begets (the actual)

    Several virtual and real situation

    Scenery is real, lyric for virtual;

    At present for real, in the past to virtual;

    And dreams for virtual reality for;

    Now for real, in the future as a virtual;

    Their own reality, to each other as virtual;

    Thus begets (the actual)

    Thus begets (or actual)

    Points on the circumstances

    1. On the contrary, serve as a foil to contrast; (live virtual scene contrast contrast, outstanding center)

    2. Complement each other, foil. (live virtual scene rendering foil, outstanding center)

    The general role is: the virtual and real contact each other, mutual penetration, mutual transformation, in the virtual reality, the reality of virtual, which greatly eich the content of poetry, extend the artistic conception of poetry, provide readers with broad aesthetic space, eich the reader's aesthetic taste.

    Ci-poetry two

    One, the author describes the great river flows eastward, the waves surging, flapping the bank rolled up layers of white, rock climb high, such as landscape, paint a picture of a majestic, magnificent. The author's hero zhou yu, heyday ying erupt, talented, can command forces, leisurely easily big pang, established the feats. (shaped a renowned exploits arose, hero.) Author had tohave mind ambition, but in politics have been hit, persecution, cannot achieve their ideal, now older old, Internet access, (emotion) he is deeply life is like a dream! Words written in the magnificent mountains and rivers, the ancient hero, his ambition of resentment and mind, and spilled wine on jiang munificent, harmoniously together create a magnificent, bold artistic conception.

    Ci-poetry two

    Second, in the constant turmoil, the author wrote in a vacation trip met after a shower. In the sudden wind and rain, the authors do not rain gear, hand still on crutches and wearing straw shoe, her blazing a leisurely walk slowly. He read the wind and rain very normal, think stormy weather and sunny weather and there is no difference. The author is actually the natural wind rain metaphor life wind and rain, showed his for various political blow and persecution has met not jing, inured to the weird! It is through this the author a small life expressed his broad-minded, free and easy sort of life attitude.

    Ci-poetry two

    3, 1. Wear, describe mountains straight into the sky, high out to the mountain; Hit on both sides of the rock, refers to the river, write the power of river and land fight; Volume, refers to the roll of the waves, the wave forces, and "thousand pile of snow" echo, showed us a picture of a grand xuelang figure.

    2. "and laughed, talking and laughing, extremely said zhou yu command if set, an unhurried manner. "Dust", fly like a gray, like smoke, very powerful enemies in front of zhou yu's fragile. Highlight of zhou yu's English bully gas.

    3. The "domain" refers to the coir, relies on the coir weather, dark combine the author with his philosophical thinking philosophy against the wind and rain of life. "Ren" has let, fearless, let nature take its course. Show the author in the face of life wind and rain when the calm and resilience.

    4. "bleak place" refers to the place of just in case of rain, also refers to the life danger. "No rain" and "not clear" on the surface is not care to changes of weather, actually refers to the ups and downs of life, joy and sadness all don't take it to heart. The (转 载于 在 点 网:高二英语作文情感类)front of ci and showed his broad-mindedness.

    Meaning + expression effect (need) pointed out that if there is a rhetorical device + emotional attitude

    Brief allusions, respectively, to write

    Xin qiji word two songs

    The first question: the red word The second question: the green words Pay attention to the word order

    A, 1. Xin qiji mere 32 years (1162) led the north gold rebel resistance to the southern song dynasty, in order to participate in the southern song dynasty northern army against gold. But when he came from the south to the word for 12 years, during this period, the southern song dynasty imperial court only for him as some maintain security in place, such as office did not send him to kill lead, so the author heart of disappointment and anger. When he boarded the feast in the autumn pavilion, overlooking the vast sky, long river water, towering peaks, see LouTou sunset, hear leong moan, reminds me of your situation: he is now living on the south, cause nothing! Time and tide wait for no man, he eagerly hope has a place, but they could not be understood. Ci is deeply lonely, facing the chutian clear autumn can not help but sorrow tears. His "DengLinYi" is this going to kill country, to establish a winner, and for their talent and ambition to reward situation of grief and indignation. On a piece of the natural scenery such as through the (green), above, for his lyrical built the artistic conception of a desolate and open.

    Xin qiji word two songs

    2. "by who asked, lian Po was old, still can", lian Po said military commanders were removed, in old age, the prince of zhao and in his thought, will send someone to visit. See the lian Po appetite is very big, can also ride a horse. The authors linked to himself, he is not as being old lian Po has no one to ask. The author using allusions, here is lian Po since, expressed the desire to northern anti enemies and the country, there is no way of grief and indignation. It reflects the main idea of

    the whole word.

    Xin qiji word two songs

    Second, xin qiji in these two words, wrote historical figures are: Hans zhang, xu Si, liu bei, sun quan, emperor wu of song, in the works of the emperor, toba tao, lian Po. Historical events are: Hans zhang abandon officer homecoming, liu bei to despise, xu Si Sun Quanshi Beijing mouth, emperor wu of song from the northern expedition, huo qubing attack the huns, the works of the northern expedition failed, toba tao establish palace, prince of zhao angel visit lian Po. The author through the history of this great story characters, respectively expressed his admiration for heroic deed, criticism of the pursuit of enjoyment, scamp behavior. Express his ardent patriotism and great resentment, country, there is no way of sorrow and indignation.

    Li qingzhao two songs

    A, 1 "drunk flower Yin" was written in the double ninth festival. Words of the writer writing the early autumn day is still very long, has begun to cool climate, especially at night will feel chill person more. Then west wind kept blowing volume curtain, chrysanthemum, on the edge of tori is open. The author is hold early autumn when temperature changes, the west wind, natural phenomena such as chrysanthemum in full bloom to highlight the seasonal characteristics of autumn.

    Li qingzhao two songs

    2. The first three sentences sound slow, with 14 word constitutes the fold out of seven words. The seven groups fold word has been praised by word theorists, said that even the fold seven word is "creative" surprise attack, is suffering through the ages. The beginning very well over the contents of the whole word, show a kind of sad, depression of artistic conception. "Looking for" expression of the author as far away from home, life for rent a long-distance resulting from the loss of anterior remote and isolated. "Slack" described after her husband died, she live alone lonely, impoverished life status. "'t "is a direct expression of feelings to myself. She is a person into old age, weak body, depression, alcohol can not remove cold outlet, only hard to the more than to spend the CanNian years old. In this case the author's mood, of course, is extremely sad and sorrow. The author USES the seven groups fold, from the mental state to life situation, to the whole world, inner level clearly Outlines after getting hard, her unfortunate experiences and living conditions, and on the body and mind are destroyed.

    Li qingzhao two songs

    3. At the beginning of the poem was written in the two words, the song is in his work. Because of the different historical background, the change of life situation, the author's mind, there is great difference. Also is to write, but in the early years only express sorrow of parting acacia, the analects is the broken and old age, death, after the death of that kind of deep grief and sadness. Two words are different in terms of artistic conception. "Drunk flower Yin" in rendering is a kind of light smoke curled up earlier, the weather is cool and chrysanthemum the ear when the pure and fresh, the artistic conception of silence. And the sound of slow build is a breeze to send cold, autumn, chrysanthemum is shattered, the artistic conception of north south wild goose's sad, sad. Li qingzhao two songs

    Appreciation for "people thinner than yellow flower"

    Yellow chrysanthemum not only appearance elegant light, delicate and pretty, similar to the author for the posture of acacia and thin, and significance in the traditional chrysanthemum's character, the author also resembles aloof and indifferent to the spirit of the metaphor is more proper to

    reflect the author due to left her husband and loneliness, gloom and inner feelings of life status.

    Li qingzhao two songs

    "Wild goose, also is sad, but it is old acquaintance" by the way, what is the author's thoughts and feelings?

    Author glinting air is drunk, let her sad most is to see the passing hong yan, south to the goose, is that year in the north of the old acquaintance! The author then sighed: geese can always and can't north to himself stranded in the south! It shows the author strong homesickness and a reduced beyond the feeling of wandering.

    First described, then sum up. Which in turn can be

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